Keeping you moving

Do you have a painful or difficult movement?

If the answer is yes,

you are in the right place!

Physiotherapy helps people to

  • move more easily,

  • ease aches and pains

  • help you to get fit and strong

  • carry on doing everyday things

  • stay independent

  • get back to the activities you enjoy.

How can I help you?

Whatever movement is troubling you I will ask you questions about how it happened, when it started, how it affects your life.

I will watch you move and help you move so that I understand your problem.

Together we will work out how best to treat the problem. It might be exercises at home or hands on treatment or just advise. Everyone is different and I tailor your treatment to you.

All too often we leave little niggles untreated, thinking they will cure themselves. Sometimes they do, but often one thing leads to another and the end result is much more problematic.

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